Things That Cause The Reset Button On Your Water Heater To Trip And Repairs That May Be Needed

Posted on: 1 June 2020

If you're surprised by water that's too hot or too cold when you hop in the shower, you may want to check the reset button on your water heater. If the button tripped because the water got too hot, the thermostat won't turn on the upper heating element again until the button is reset. Here's an overview of the purpose of the reset button and how it lets you know your water heater needs to be repaired.
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The Top Lesser-Known Signs Your Home Needs A Drain Cleaning Service

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Does your plumbing system need a drain cleaning service? Even though backups, standing water, and slow to drain sinks, are obvious signs of a problem, take a look at the lesser known (but equally important) red flags to watch for. Drain Flies Do small winged inspects fly in and out of your sink or tub's drain? While these pests may look like the fruit flies that invade the kitchen garbage can, it's likely they're actually drain flies.
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What It Means If Your Drains Are Gurgling

Posted on: 25 March 2020

Drains typically make little to no noise beyond the sound of water running down them. But if your drains are making gurgling, watery, or bubbly sounds, what does that mean? Unfortunately, it likely means that you have a problem on your hands. Here's what's causing those noises and what you should do about it. Blockage One of the potential causes of a drainage pipe gurgling is that there's a blockage somewhere in the pipe, or just beyond it.
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Six Things A Landlord Needs To Do Regarding Plumbing Issues At Rental Properties

Posted on: 24 February 2020

As a landlord, you need to anticipate plumbing issues at your properties and make appropriate arrangements to address them promptly. Plumbing malfunctions can cause a lot of damage to your properties, so you need to have an effective plan in place. The following are six things you should do as a landlord regarding plumbing issues at rental properties.  Keep some basic plumbing tools available to tenants It's best if you provide basic plumbing supplies, like a toilet plunger and drain covers, to your tenants.
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