Creating A Comfortable And Relaxing Bathroom

Posted on: 25 August 2015

For many people, their bathroom is their sanctuary. They go in there to take a relaxing hot shower or bath, and they spend long lengths of time putting on make-up, shaving and doing their hair. If you find that your bathroom isn't as comfortable and relaxing as you would like it to be, there are some improvements you can make that will make all the difference to the ambiance of your bathroom. This article will help you make some positive changes so it better suits your needs.

Install water softener – If you choose not to install a water softener for the rest of your house, you can opt to have an inline water softening unit installed for the bathroom only. This will offer you the benefits of soft water for your showers and baths. Soft water will offer you a more soothing bathing experience. It also means less scrubbing of your tub, sink and toilet, since it doesn't leave calcium deposits that can be hard to scrub off tile and porcelain and that leave a harsh ring around them.  

Install a whirlpool tub – A whirlpool bath will provide you with a swirling motion in the water. This offers you a very relaxing bath. Warm water and the jets in a whirlpool bathtub can also help to improve your circulation.

Install handheld massaging showerhead – Installing a handheld massaging showerhead makes it easier for you to shower. You can change the pulses so you can achieve a massaging effect that helps relax your muscles and helps take aches and pains away. This type of showerhead is especially good for anyone who suffers from mobility issues.

Change to a padded toilet seat – It's not a good feeling to sit on a hard and cold toilet seat in the middle of the night, especially on nights that are already a bit chilly. You can get rid of your hard toilet seat and replace it with a softer, padded one that also comes with the benefit of being warmer for you to sit on.

If you are ready to have any of the above changes made in your bathroom, you should call professional plumbing services out to give you an estimate. They may also have other suggestions to help make your bathroom even more comfortable. A plumber will be able to make the changes you want, and you'll enjoy knowing that everything has been done by a professional.


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