Quiet Your Toilet to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

Posted on: 25 August 2015

Do you get frustrated with how noisy your toilet is? In many cases, bathrooms are close to bedrooms, which means that anytime someone gets up at night to use the bathroom, everyone can hear. There are things that you can do to decrease the toilet sounds so that your sleep isn't disrupted by someone making their nightly visit to the bathroom.

Quiet the Flush

A noisy flush can be disturbing, and your options are these: live with the noisy flush, don't allow nighttime flushes, or do something to quiet the flush.

When you flush, do you hear a loud clang? This sound, known as "water hammer," is caused by pressure buildup in the water lines. When you flush, the water moves through the lines and causes vibrations in the pipes, and when the water has reached the fill limit in the tank, the water valve slams shut.

To reduce the sound, you can install a water hammer arrestor. This brass fitting connects directly to the water line and helps to eliminate the air inside. The fixture maintains a small air reservoir to cushion the force of air in the waterlines as the valve is shut.

Another noise you might hear is a whistling sound as the tank refills. This is caused by a dirty fill valve. To silence this sound, turn off the water supply to the toilet and clean the fill valve. Pour a little bit of calcium, lime, and rust cleaner on an old toothbrush and scrub the valve opening. Turn the water back on and flush. More often than not, this will eliminate the sound.

Silence the Seat

During nighttime runs to the bathroom, it can be impossible to remember to quietly open and close the toilet lid. So, one option is to replace the toilet lid with a slow-closing toilet one. Slow-closing mechanisms prevent the toilet lid from crashing down and awakening everyone in the house.

Another option is to install rubber pads on the bottom of the toilet seat and one on the tank where the toilet seat lid hits against it. This will cushion the sound and decrease how loud the opening and closing sounds are.

If you cannot find the cause of your noisy toilet, contact your local plumber in Westfield, NJ. He or she has the experience with making these repairs and will quickly identify the problem so you don't suffer from sleep deprivation caused by a noisy toilet.


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