Signs You Have a Hidden Little Leak In Your Plumbing System

Posted on: 30 December 2015

When most people think of plumbing leaks, they picture large amounts of water spewing from pipes and causing rampant plumbing. The truth is, however, that plumbing leaks can be much more subtle. A tiny crack in a pipe or loose joint between pipes can let little drips of water escape. While these drips won't flood your home, they will slowly cause other damage -- and the crack may expand to the point of causing more substantial flooding if it's not addressed. For these reasons, all homeowners should be on the lookout for these signs of tiny, hidden leaks in their pipes.

Peeling paint.

If the paint on a certain wall is peeling, this could be a sign that a pipe behind it is leaking. The moisture accumulation within the walls will make the drywall damp, causing the paint to peel away from it. If you have wallpaper, you may also notice that there are little sections where it is separating from the wall. Note that if paint is peeling all over your home, this is probably a sign of a poor paint job rather than a plumbing issue -- whereas if it is a single wall that you know there are pipes behind, you should call a plumber.

Mysterious mold appearance.

Mold needs moisture to thrive. If you notice it growing on one or more of your walls, measure the humidity levels in your air with a hydrometer (a simple tool that is available at most home improvement stores). If the relative humidity of your interior air is above 50%, then this is likely to blame for the mold growth, and you should invest in a dehumidifier. However, if your home's air is not overly humid, then the moisture that's promoting mold growth is probably coming from within the walls themselves -- and ultimately from a little plumbing leak.

Damaged flooring.

If a section of pipe that runs beneath the floor is leaking, then you can expect your floor to show signs of damage. A strange, dark stained spot may appear out of nowhere on hardwood. Tile grout might mysteriously become discolored, and linoleum or vinyl may start to peel away from the floor. If your floor is carpeted, an area might start feeling damp. You may blame a pet or a child, but when the spot keeps re-appearing, the more likely culprit is your pipes.

If you suspect you might have a hidden plumbing leak, contact a plumber. They can administer the necessary repairs and also install a water leak detection system to prevent you small leaks from sneaking by you in the future.


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