It Won't Go Down! 3 Clog Removal Methods You Shouldn't Try

Posted on: 25 July 2016

If you have a clogged drain, you're probably hoping you can take care of it without calling a plumber. Unfortunately, most clogs are going to need professional help. This is particularly true if you already tried a plumber without success. Before you move on to the next do-it-yourself clog removal method, take a look at three methods you should never try.

Wire Clothes Hangers

Your bathroom sink is clogged. You see a wire coat hanger in the closet and decide to use it to knock the clog out. So, you unwind it, straighten it out as best you can, and stick it down the drain. Bad idea. Two potential problems can occur. First, if your pipes are rusted, you could accidentally pierce them with the pointed end of your hanger. Second, the coat hanger could get stuck inside the drain. Either way, you now have a clog, and another plumbing problem that will require the work of a trained professional. Avoid additional problems. Don't use the coat hanger.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

When you think you're facing a minor clog, it can be tempting to reach for the chemical drain cleaners. Unfortunately, using chemical drain cleaners can leave you with a hazardous situation on your hands. If the chemicals don't work, they usually end up sitting on top of the clog. That means that you now have chemicals building up in your drain pipe. If they mix with something else that's in the drain, such as cleaning solvents, you could end up with toxic fumes coming up through the drains. To protect yourself, avoid using harsh chemical drain cleaners on your clogs.

Ordinary Garden Hoses

If you heard that hydro-jetting works well to remove tough clogs, it's true. Hydro-jetting is an excellent way to remove even the toughest clogs. With hydro-jetting, the plumber uses a high-pressure nozzle to shoot pressurized water through the drains. However, your garden hose does not provide sufficient force to clear a clog. If you send your hose down the drain, you'll probably end up with water shooting back up into your home, resulting in a bigger mess for you to clean up. If you want to have your drains hydro-jetted, contact a plumber.

If you've got clogged drains, don't use the do-it-yourself techniques described above. You might end up causing additional problems. Instead, contact a business that offers plumbing services. They'll come out to your home and take care of the clogs for you.   


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