Three Benefits Of Adding A Water Conditioner To Your Plumbing System

Posted on: 17 November 2016

A water conditioner, which uses recent technology to chelate the minerals in your hard water can be a viable alternative to ion exchange systems for many homeowners. While it technically doesn't soften the water, since that requires removing the minerals, it still does away with the unfortunate scaling effects that hard water can sometimes have. If you're traditionally minded and have used an ion exchange system for the past few decades, you may wonder how a chelating unit could be as good as or better than what you already have. Here are three benefits that a water conditioner can bring to your household.

1. Reduces and prevents limescale 

If you don't already have a water softening system in place for your hard water, you should be very concerned about your pipes. When limescale builds up in your bathtub and sink, it's just inconvenient and ugly, but when it occurs inside your pipes it can restrict the flow and make your entire plumbing system much less effective.

2. More eco-friendly than an ion exchange system

Although some people find that a water conditioner doesn't provide all the benefits that they'd like (for example, it doesn't remove the minerals, so your water may still taste hard), this type of system does allow you to make your plumbing more eco-friendly. It doesn't require electricity and doesn't flush salt down the drain periodically like water softeners do. And you may be able to combine a water conditioner with a filtration system for drinking water for the best of all possible worlds (some people filter their softened water anyway because they don't like the sodium flavor). 

3. Easy upkeep so you don't need to worry about your water anymore

Because you don't have to recharge it and it doesn't even have electrical parts, a descaling water conditioner can be one of the most low-maintenance systems in your entire house. All you need to do is occasionally replace the cartridge (perhaps once or twice per year), which is much easier and less messy than handling a bag of salt.  

These three benefits show how a water conditioner can be a great addition to your plumbing, allowing you to protect your pipes and fixtures from scale while simultaneously protecting the environment and saving yourself the time and effort that goes into keeping a water softener charged up with sodium ions to exchange. Talk to your plumber if you need help deciding if a water conditioner is for you. For more information, contact a business such as Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.


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