Tips for a Quick Fix Before Your Plumber Arrives

Posted on: 18 November 2016

Has your bathroom sink backed up? If so, and it has been clogging, then you have likely considered hiring a plumber to resolve this problem. However, if you are in need of a quick fix until your plumber arrives, then there are a few things that you can do to possibly correct this issue. So, prior to the arrival of your plumber, there are a few services that you can utilize, such as the following.

Remove the Trap Pipe:

It can be easy to drop a toothbrush cap or hair ties down your bathroom sink, and if they were to fall into the sink and block water flow, then your sink could quickly clog. Well, under your sink is likely a pipe in the shape of a "J," and this j-pipe is also known as a trap pipe, as this pipe traps items that have fallen down your sink. Removing the pipe can allow you access to your sinks pipe so you can grab fallen items out of your sink and repair the water flow of your sink.

Clean the Surface of the Plumbing Pipes:

Toothpaste, hair gel, and facial-cleaning products can cause your pipes to clog, as these products can get stuck on the surface of your plumbing pipes, causing poor water flow. A great and easy at-home way to repair this issue is to pour baking soda and vinegar down into your sink's drain. The mixture will help remove surface build up from your sinks pipes, and this can clear the opening of your pipes, allowing for more water to pass through. This can fix your sink's clogging issue.

Fetch Hair:

Hair can be another factor that can lead to a clogging sink, and this is why removing hair from your sink is a critical service to perform. A great and effective method to remove hair gunk from your sink is to bend the end of a wired hanger into a hook-like shape and insert it into your sink. This will allow you to lift blocks of hair from your sink so you can clear pipe space in your sink and allow for more efficient water flow.

Using these tips and applying them to resolve your plumbing issue is a great and effective way to fix your current problem. However, it is still best to hire a plumber such as Plumber Boy afterward, as they will be able to ensure everything is working properly so you can avoid further major and costly damages down the road.


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