Exposing Some Commonly Believed Water Heater Notions

Posted on: 21 November 2016

When it comes to your home's comfort, the water heater is easily an indispensable appliance. Without it, you would be forced to take cold showers or baths. Additionally, cold water may not be as effective when it comes to cleaning around the house. To make sure that you are getting the most from these appliances and reducing the risk of major problems arising, there are some water heater myths that you should have refuted.

Myth: You Should Put A Blanket Over The Water Heater

One of the more common water heater myths is that you will want to place a thick blanket over the unit. When individuals do this, they are often under the belief that the blanket will help to increase the insulation of the tank. While this may have been a sensible step on older water heaters, modern units are designed with far more insulation. As a result, placing a blanket over the water heater is no longer necessary to achieve peak efficiency. Furthermore, this could actually place your home at a risk of suffering fire damage as the blanket may be more likely to ignite.

Myth: Addressing Bad Smelling Water Will Require Replacing The Entire Water Heater

The water coming from older water heaters may eventually start to develop a foul smell. In addition to being unpleasant, this may pose a health problem as the water may contain harmful bacteria. It can be a common mistake for homeowners to assume that the only way to remedy this problem is to completely replace the unit. Luckily, an experienced water heater repair technician can repair this problem without you needing to pay the expense of replacing the unit. In order to correct this problem, the technician will thoroughly clean the interior of the water heater and apply a sanitizing solution to it.

Myth: Rust Is Not A Major Problem For Your Water Heater

Rust is another issue that a water heater may experience over the time that you own the system. In particular, it can be common for rust to form on the exterior of the unit as a result of condensation and minor leaks. Some homeowners will assume that rust on the water heater should not be a major problem. While a small amount of rust may not interfere with the functioning of the unit, it can gradually worsen. Eventually, the rust on the water heater will cause major leaks to form. You will need to have the rust removed and a corrosion-resistant sealant applied to the unit.

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