Signs That A Hybrid Water Heater Is Right For You

Posted on: 23 November 2016

Hybrid water heaters are not as widely used as conventional water heaters, but they can provide a number of benefits to those who use them. However, it's not always a smooth path; like any other hot water heater type, hybrid water heaters have their pros and cons. Here are signs that hybrid is the right type of water heater for your situation.

You're concerned about your energy usage

The hybrid heater uses significantly less energy than the conventional type. However, this is quite set off by the fact that it takes heat directly from inside your home, which can make your furnace work harder (or make your AC work less hard, meaning it's a better type of heater to have in warm climates than cold ones). You have to have a special setup to ensure that this type of water heater won't actually make your home less energy efficient.

You have room for a tank

Yes, hybrid water heaters are more eco-friendly. But unlike tankless water heaters, they do take up a considerable amount of room in your house. They not only need the physical space necessary for the unit itself, but they also need access to quite a bit of air (which they suck heat from, remember), so you can't just shove them in a closet like you might be used to doing with your conventional water heater.  

You have the budget for a pricier model

Yes, these water heaters do cost more. This is partly because they use somewhat more complicated systems (the hybrid water heater uses the same technology as an AC unit does to suck heat out of the air, and it has a separate system for heating water with electricity when the room is too cold) and partly because they're newer and less common, among other things. But no matter the reason, you have to be willing to pay quite a bit more for this type of heater.

You have the ducting set up already or are willing to pay for it

Having the appropriate infrastructure set up is always a plus. Getting a new type of water heater set up in your home can be more expensive than simply replacing what you've got with another of the same variety. Hybrid water heaters are still rather uncommon, so it's unlikely that you have your house set up for one already, but if you do, that's a big plus in its favor.

These signs may not coincide very often, but if they do, you can be sure that you're an ideal person to buy a hybrid water heater and enjoy the energy savings that can come along with it.  


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