Sewer Lateral Line Compliance Certification: FAQs

Posted on: 24 April 2018

The sewer system you have that pulls waste from your home deserves massive respect, but a lot of homeowners rarely pay any mind to this important system. However, if you live in some areas, you may have no choice but to get a little more familiar with your sewer system, specifically your lateral lines. In some situations, you will be required to provide a sewer lateral line compliance certification to show that your lines are just how they are intended to be or safe. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about sewer lateral line compliance certification. 

Why would you have to have a sewer compliance certificate?

Lateral lines carry sewage wastewater away from your home, which is definitely what you want. However, wastewater is considered hazardous and a contaminant, so it must be properly handled, and the lateral lines serve a hugely important purpose. Because of this, some city or county municipalities, homeowner's associations, and other governing entities will require that homeowners have their lateral lines inspected for certification every so often. This is most often done as a measure to ensure the safety of the surrounding residents in your area. If there are problems present, you will not get a compliance certificate, which can mean fines in some places.

What will the professional be looking for during the compliance inspection?

During the compliance inspection, the sewer lateral compliance services professional could be looking at a lot of things. If you live in an area where this inspection is required, there will be a specific set of standards that the technician will be looking for during their visit. You may see your hired service professional with a document that explains exactly what the compliance rules are in your situation. Some of the requirements may be that:

  • the lateral line is in good condition
  • the lateral line is a certain number of feet from the house
  • the lateral line does not lead to any public-owned areas like sidewalks

Who do you get to assess your sewer lateral lines for compliance?

For the most part, just about any licensed plumber will usually be able to assess your lines. However, not every plumber is familiar with the specifics or recognized by the state as being equipped to provide certificates. It is always best to look for a sewer or plumbing service that specifically advertises that they do sewer lateral line compliance services. 


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