Three Tips For Those Looking To Upgrade Their Water Heater

Posted on: 16 May 2018

If you have come to the realization that it is time to upgrade your water heater, it can be wise to consider the option of a tankless model. These units are superior to traditional water heaters in a number of ways. To help you with considering this option, here are some basic tips that you should consider.

Understand The Way That A Tankless Water Heater Warms Water

A traditional water heater is designed to store a large amount of water in a reservoir, and it will gradually warm this water over a period of time.  Unfortunately, this is inefficient in a number of ways. Firstly, the water heater will need to periodically use energy to keep the water warm. Also, the reservoir can easily be depleted, which can lead to complications for families with a large number of people that may need to shower. A tankless water heater avoids these issues as it is designed to warm water on demand. This is accomplished by running the water through a series of tubes that are equipped with powerful heating elements. These elements will be able to heat the water to the desired temperature before it exits the tubing.

Have A Plumbing Professional Inspect Your Home

It is important to note that the installation of a tankless water heater is a fairly complicated process. In addition to being mechanically complex, these systems also require fairly large amounts of space. This can lead to situations where some homes may not be able to easily accommodate these water heaters. Prior to starting the process of shopping for one of these units, you should have a plumbing professional inspect your home to help you determine whether the structure can accommodate this water heating system and the best location to put it.

Be Prepared To Maintain The Unit

Homeowners are often guilty of failing to adequately maintain their water heaters. This can lead to performance issues, costly damages and other disruptions. Due to the sizable investment that your new tankless water heater represents, it is wise to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the recommended maintenance schedule for your water heater. This will include flushing the system to remove mineral deposits, testing and replacing the heating elements along with checking the power connection. For most homeowners, the easiest solution for satisfying these maintenance requirements is to enlist the plumbing services of a professional to work on the tankless water heater every couple of years. This work will typically only take a few hours, and it can help to extend the life and protect the performance of your newly installed water heater.


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