Basic Well Pump Tips For Homeowners

Posted on: 26 November 2018

When you have a home that relies on a water well, it is imperative to have at least a serviceable understanding about these vital systems. Otherwise, you will experience a situation where your home's water supply could become compromised or disrupted.

Increase The Storage Tank For The Water Well

Homeowners often operate under the assumption that the water from their well is pumped directly from the ground into the home's plumbing. Yet, this would lead to unreliable performance as the water would have much farther to travel. To prevent this, a well pump will store water in a tank, and water from this tank will be what is pumped into the home. Unfortunately, if your pump's storage tank is too small, your home's water supply may be inadequate for your growing family's needs. Luckily, upgrading the storage tank is far more affordable and quicker than upgrading the entire pumping system.

Ensure That There Is Sufficient Clearance Between The Pump Intake And The Bottom Of The Well

If the intake of the well pump is too close to the ground, it can suck in large amounts of sediment in addition to water. This sediment can severely lower the quality of your water while also posing some problems for the plumbing. Over time, the floor of the well can start to rise due to debris, rocks, and other materials falling from the well shaft into the water. To prevent this natural process from interfering with your well pump's performance, you may need to have the floor of the well drilled slightly deeper.

Limit Placing Heavy Equipment Or Buildings Near The Well

Well stability should be a major concern for anyone that uses these systems to provide their home with water. If the well shaft becomes unstable, it can cause the entire well to collapse. Unfortunately, well-meaning homeowners will often contribute to this problem by leaving vehicles or landscaping equipment or placing large buildings near the well. The weight from these objects can be enough to put tremendous strain on the well shaft.  

Follow Yearly Service And Winterization Steps For Your Pumping System

Every year, the well should be serviced by a professional such as those with Action Well & Pump Repair to repair the minor damages that routine wear can cause. Additionally, well pumps need to be prepared for the harsh winter weather that can occur. In particular, thick ice and heavy snow deposits can clog the vents to the pump. As a result, you may need to take steps to keep these materials off the exterior of the pump.


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