Problems With Keeping Your Hot Water Temperature Too High

Posted on: 30 June 2019

While you might love taking really hot showers and having access to really hot water all the time, you might not realize that keeping your hot water temperature too high can lead to problems. There are a number of problems this can cause, and you can avoid these by turning the temperature of your water heater down just a little bit.

Keeping the temperature to high places more stress on your hot water heater

The temperature of your water is important, but you should realize that when you set your temperature too high, it will cause more stress on your hot water heater. Your water heater must work hard to heat water in the first place. When you set the temperature higher than it needs to be, the system must work even harder. The harder a system works, the more stress it has on it, which means it will wear out faster when there is extra stress on it. If you can turn the temperature down on it, you might be able to extend its life and experience fewer problems with the system.

A higher temperature leads to an increase in energy bills

Secondly, you should realize that it costs money to heat water, no matter what type of energy you use. When you heat water, it occurs through electricity, gas, or some other type of energy, and paying for energy bills can be expensive. If you feel you are spending too much money on your energy bills, you might see a difference if you turn your hot water heater down. Even turning it down a few degrees can help you conserve energy and spend less on your utility bills.

Water that is too hot can lead to burns

The other thing to understand is that it is dangerous to keep your water set too high, especially if you have kids. Hot water that comes from your tap is capable of burning your skin, even if you only touch it for a couple of seconds. If you have kids, you should be extra cautious as they are not as careful when using hot water.

The best temperature to stick with is 120 degrees F to 140 degrees F. This is a safe temperature to use and is most beneficial for your hot water heater and plumbing system. If you are experiencing problems with your hot water heater, contact a 24-hour plumbing service today.


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