Six Things A Landlord Needs To Do Regarding Plumbing Issues At Rental Properties

Posted on: 24 February 2020

As a landlord, you need to anticipate plumbing issues at your properties and make appropriate arrangements to address them promptly. Plumbing malfunctions can cause a lot of damage to your properties, so you need to have an effective plan in place.

The following are six things you should do as a landlord regarding plumbing issues at rental properties. 

Keep some basic plumbing tools available to tenants

It's best if you provide basic plumbing supplies, like a toilet plunger and drain covers, to your tenants. These items help minimize the consequences of issues like clogs. Try to make sure that all of your rental units are equipped with these basic supplies at all times so that your tenants can hopefully cope with some plumbing issues themselves. 

Make sure tenants know what to avoid flushing and putting down drains

Try to discuss plumbing fixture use with tenants. Make sure that they know they shouldn't be flushing items like paper towels or feminine hygiene products down the toilets. Also, make sure they know to avoid putting items down kitchen sinks that are likely to clog drains. 

Show renters where the main shutoff valve for the unit is

It's important to shut off the water supply to plumbing fixtures as soon as possible if fixtures are overflowing. Inform tenants about the location of the main shutoff valve for the property's plumbing system. This way, they can shut off the water supply themselves in the event of an emergency. 

Consider making tenants partially responsible financially for plumbing services

You might want to include a provision in your leases that tenants will be responsible for some of the costs of plumbing services. This is helpful because it gives tenants motivation to maintain and use plumbing fixtures properly to avoid malfunctions. 

Have a plumber you use regularly

You should have a go-to plumber so you know who to turn to if you need service on one of your units. Your plumber may give you discounted service if you are a frequent customer. 

Instruct tenants to contact you immediately regarding plumbing problems

Always make a point of responding quickly to plumbing issues in your units. This ensures that your tenants will always turn to you for assistance and keep you notified about the condition of the plumbing system in your units. If you delay arranging plumbing service for your units, your tenants may grow frustrated and either neglect plumbing service or try to fix problems themselves. 

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